Hotel Izvor

Hello, traveler! If you're reading this, you've stepped into our magical realm. You must have heard the French word "terroir" - terroir? It literally means terrain, but is actually a symbiosis term between soil, climate, plant and animal species. Or to put it in an accessible language - on the seashore you cook not game, but fish, and vice versa - in the forest you can offer delicious meat, mushrooms, herbs, local wines. That's what we're trying to do here, and your kind words make us believe we're on the right track. We never wanted to shine, we want to warm! To remember and return as with friends! Therefore, everything you touch is carefully checked - from the cleanliness of the rooms, to the food and drinks. We breed elite Galloway and Aberdeen Angus cattle nearby. Every piece of meat, sausage, sausage and meat delicacy is from our grazing animals. The cottage cheese, cheese, wine, herbs, mushrooms and honey are from local producers. But our greatest wealth here is the people! Those who welcome guests and send friends! Because "Izvor" is a magical place built from pieces of memories, love caresses, festive toasts, starry wine nights and pieces of good hearts!


Complex "Izvor" will welcome you in comfortable 12 rooms, 4 apartments and 2 studios.

The restaurant

The restaurant of Hotel "Izvor" offers a rich menu of Bulgarian and European cuisine.


For your complete vacation, take advantage of our relaxation pool area, sauna, steam bath and fitness.


An equipped conference room is available for your organized business events.